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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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when the head start work. temperatures crane to map this weekend. and a full look at your morning commute coming up. right now the san jose fire department on the scene of the gas leak. it was caused by car heating and apartment building. a happen in at this city's unveil area. one person was taken to the hospital. pg&e said they just caps the leak a minute ago. federal agents are looking for three people and senior is sight of a fire yesterday morning. kate is with the investigation.
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investigators think that this is no coincidence and this morning they will look into the circumstances that happened just before the fire yesterday. it took almost four hours to contain the blaze. it started around 215 around a senior housing project under construction. what happened before the fire is what's been raising but investigators eyebrows. the security guard was chased from the scene just before the fire. investigators believe that it might have been done on purpose. one of our primary mission is to investigate arsons. so far, concerning this particular fire, it is way too early to even talk about arson.
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\ one of our area of expertise is determined cause of fire. this fire caused extensive damage could total cost is about total million dollars. it is a big relief for commuters this morning. trains are running on time. damage bart tracks early yesterday it shutting down transit patrons for several hours. anne makovec is in oakland right now we're frustrated commuters scrambled to find a way to get across the bay. it took people five times
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longer than they usually did to get across the bay. good news today, is that we are in for a normal commute. the tracks by may were damaged in a big fire yesterday. the shutdown of service between severances: oakland bridge workers repaired the autoroute components. brad rand it really slowly. about 6 1/7 train slowly. we started that would both tracks a full speed when we were confident. much relief to the tens of thousands of commuters stuck to
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find other ways to commute. they should be back to normal again according to the bart spokesperson. this is said that there are lessons learned throughout this whole ordeal. let's go to elizabeth wenger for your latest on your friday commute. here's a live look up the bay bridge toll plaza. but this time mr. morning we were seeing busier traffic across the bay bridge. at one. of us begin to people who was taking forest to get into the at the bay from walnut creek. all the major routes toward the bay bridge was jammed.
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that is so far in the green. speeds are in over 40 mi. per hour. we are hearing about to minute delays toward daly city out into the spare. that is traffic, back to guys. state law makers are expected to vote tonight. this is the constitutional deadline for the deadline. a group including parents and teachers were conducted a sit-in to protest the closure of schools.
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marshall maxwell park are also being shut down as a cutting measure. in addition to school being turned into a charter school. it was just beautiful coming in. and run the bay area, mostly clear skies. still a couple of fog, pettifog out toward the coastline. numbers are already heating up today, we may see some of those temperatures popping back up
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into the '90s prepared 85 and sun as it. the bay area judges on the other side of the law this morning. accused of ripping off charges.
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those are some of the sights and sounds many it all when officers end up occupy protesters will never forget. the independent report said that the police used outdated tactics in controlling protesters. it increased workload and a failure to keep pace with modern standards. i ask that you not only judges by the mistakes that were
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made, but also by how we correct them. oakland mayor says that there are hard lessons. 360 recommendations have been addressed in one way or another. the test confirmed that some of them had a virus so the california pizza kitchen on broadway plaza that was abruptly closed. they connected that with sulla's laws that were served last thursday. the hyde park fire jumped over the highway prompting the evacuation and armor county. it is now 50 percent contained all 52,000 a. have been scorched. time now is for 42. how much bart fares are going up
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a fire watch going over the north the mountains. more on your weekend forecast coming up. and a live look over your trumbull exit. we are getting word of a crash walking lanes, coming up. the last of eight accusers to take the stand.
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he testified that the penn state coach started abusing him around the age of 12th grade he said that his screams for help for an answer from the basement of sandusky's basement. the ruling by egypt supreme court prostitution means that they will write up the new constitution. it will decide how much power the prime minister will have prayed ohios but the day in the political spotlight. romney and obama campaign are as different as bid to
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before the road trip, the romney and obama campaign hit a another swing state. this election is about our economic future. in cleveland out the president said that romney would return the nation upset george bush's in cincinnati romney said that the president felt to deliver. talk is cheap. the race appears to be coming down to one main issue. how to leave the economy back into a fundamental
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you can't have a strong and growing economy without a strong and growing middle-class. the president's plan involves investment in education. today the president will host a reception in honor of a pride month. a city ordered poll suggests that some as a bowler's would be able to tax themselves. but that may not be good enough 10 generate revenue for the serious fun.
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as for a bond measure to fund street improvement, it has 64% to. the new tax is expected to be worth a million dollars, includes rental cars. it was passed by a hundred and 97 votes. and the first of july bart fares will go up by 1.4%. the increase is tied with inflation. they also approved a budget that was a% larger than another. the many dark theater boy, max page is recovering from a heart surgery.
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in real life the boy has a congenital heart defect. history they implanted a pulmonary valve. he is expected to spend five days in a loss angeles hospital. parents can expect to spend 235,000 over the next 17 years, at the all-time high. the lofty price that includes housing, child care and food. in 1960 the estimated cost was only $13,000 a child. more flights targeted to their destination on time with your mishandled bags. a 86.3% of airlines arrived on
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time in april. american airlines had the worst times in performance. we get some hot weather really going to kick and this afternoon. this morning, it touches a fog give you plan on having to the golf tournament. fifties across the board now. by the afternoon, at some low nineties should be expecting to make a return. some pop-up thunderstorms in the tall.
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the numbers should warm up, but as for tonight, there should be some offshore winds. fog may not come back until monday. it looks like we're in for its fantastic week ahead. fire watch goes into effect in the bay mountains. 63 degrees in pacifica. inside the bit, you will find a comfortable 71 degrees in san francisco. in 91 degrees in santa rosa. in a cool down slightly on father's day. that is a look at your weather back to traffic with elizabeth. look at this camera, the to
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allies moving northbound. this some worth work down there was some seismic retrofit work being done to that area. that is what is causing those backups. we will let you as soon as they pick up that overnight road work. everything is moving find toward oakland airport. we are also watching this problem in the east bay. by paul street, it is a overturn crash. likely injuries involved. two lanes blocked by emeryville. you could see one of our live traffic centers picking up speed out toward walnut creek.
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that was a really bad problem spots yesterday for the morning commute. this morning by is on time and back to normal. we were seeing some delays at the daly city bart station, that is now gone. system wise, but is ready to go. ferries communities are also reporting no delays. south won no one open for heading towards services corporate back to you guys. this could be a seed from eight old western. police tried to run up a horse. the police and news choppers helped move it away from the main roads. it eventually got looked into the desert. they say that the worst was no
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longer a danger to drivers. it is day two to the u.s. open. the crowds came out in full force yesterday. phil mickelson, bob watson entire woods to off. tucker was the one of six players to finish under par. the second shot was a beauty. just like that he went from three over par to under par. sam brunos jane hunt finished three over.
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an 14 year-old and deejaying it was eighth over. he finished with a 79. and this weekend it's all about that special man in your life and this week and we're talking about your dad. is special shout out to our dads in the news room. this is our photographer edberg, and kate sharing a bit with her dad ag. he is a u.s. navy veteran and serve art nation for more than 20 years. we would love to share your photos of dad just post a photo on our facebook page.
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it is the perfect solution to making your bed. the dreamy mentioned the does the job for you. and now a california voter survived after will his boat. we will tell you what to expect in your morning commute if it involves bart will we come back. an investigation continues into the fire that caused an dollars in damage. we will tell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the flash point for a day of chaos and the bay area. a fire cuts off


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